Puppet Show

"Danny the Chick and His Friends"

  1. “Danny the Chick and His Friends” deals with a wide variety of developmental aspects for young children in an engaging and interactive way, making it a perfect fit for baby's development. “Danny the Chick and His Friends” uses the puppet show as an interactive foundation to foster creativity in young children. “Danny the Chick and His Friends” is an active viewing experience, not a passive one. The young children are involved in the action and participate with the puppets. The children are encouraged to react emotionally to the story and to express their feelings through creativity and crafts, all of which help to enhance healthy cognitive development. This program also helps to increase the attention span of young children, develop thinking and memory skills, encourage imaginative play and participate emotionally, and strengthen listening and observational skills, all while joining in the fun and participating in the action!

  2. “Danny the Chick and His Friends” is not just an entertaining puppet show, it is a performance of engagement and interaction. Many early childhood development and psychology researchers have studies that show early cognitive skills affect a child’s learning process in later years. Knowing this, we have prepared this project for children from 1.5- 4 years of age, to help better prepare them for the later years in life. All the creative materials are chosen according to the developmental milestones that reflect this age group. The puppet show and aspects of the program are developed to hold the attention of young children, and to give them the necessary knowledge and skills that correspond with their age.

  3. The puppet show is scripted around various developmental tasks and exercises. The interactive, animated segment of each episode uses cutting edge technology—large interactive screens, an interactive floor and interactive wall screens display the animation and invite and encourage the children to continue the learning in active response to a call-to-action from the characters. The children in the live audience get up from their seats around the puppet show area, and move to the interactive screens, where they manipulate virtual objects with their hands, feet and entire bodies. These exercises are wrapped into the story, in order to provide a meaningful active learning experience for the children. Using interactive technology helps to keep young children moving while they execute other developmental tasks; such as fine motor, memory and attention tasks.

  4. Creative Team

    Producer, director - Andrei Smirnov

    Script writer, teacher-adviser - Olga Smirnova

    Music - Dima Smirnov

    Puppet creator - Alex Margold

    Animation - Chao Tsai

    Host - Oxana Minnikova