Dear Parents,

If your baby has reached the age of 1, we suggest you ask yourself the following questions: "Do you have time to develop your child? What kind of intellectual development does he/she get at home? What are a basic physical and mental exercises that a child needs to receive from birth? How are you going to help your baby develop from years 1 to 3? Well... it is well known that at exactly this age, the brain of a human being develops most intensively.

Our club offers exclusive programming for early childhood education, wrapped in an entertaining form for babies, starting from 10 months.

An owner of this club, Volha Smirnova, introduces a special program for early childhood development.

Our wish is to do all that is necessary to give babies the best place to develop their cognitive talents based on their age's demands.We love spending our time playing with babies and we are ready to provide parents with the time to have a rest.